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The earth is comprised of approximately 71% water and most studies confirm that the human body is comprised of about 70% water as well. So too are the trillions of cells upon which our bodies are made of, comprised of and surrounded by about 70% water. Hence, water is an incubator and a conduit; it houses and brings forth the essence of life. Just as you were once housed in your mother’s womb, peacefully submerged in her waters, until the great flood from which sprung your birth.

Water is a transmutable substance. It can be transformed from a gas, to a liquid as well as a solid. It is a store house for information as it carries the source of intention encapsulated within the energy molecules that make up its substance. The same way its physical substance can be transformed, so too its energetic essence or ability to bring forth healing [life]. In this way, water contains qualities about it that benefit the electrifying energetic circuitry of the body. So being mindful of the sources from where you get your water is important because the quality is not all the same.

On a basic scale we should all be striving to have access to natural spring alkaline water and being intentional about avoiding most if not all public/private unfiltered tap water sources, whenever possible. This is so because natural spring water carries with it trace minerals from the earth’s soil that enrich and provide a natural source of alkalinity. Tap water sources are often contaminated by acidic chemical cleaning agents used as additives to make the water palatable, however to the cause of great detriment to the mind body and spirit.  Alkaline water is water that has a potential hydrogen level higher than about 7.35 on the Ph scale while anything acidic has a potential hydrogen level below 7.0. This alkaline/acidity relationships determines how electrified your water source is ultimately indicating the potential to facilitate a healing environment in the body. Thus, the more alkaline, the more electrified whereas the more acidic the more toxifying. As a rule of thumb, we should all be drinking approximately half of our body weight in ounces of alkaline water, daily to make sure that we are staying efficiently hydrated and creating the proper environment to facilitate filtration of the fluids in the body.

Esoterically speaking, water is often associated with emotion influenced by the patterns of thought. How one feels about the thought, hence, one’s pool of thought. It is not the thought per se, but the environment in which the thought is housed that facilitates or produces the condition upon which healing or debilitation takes place. Let’s utilize the glass of water euphemism for an example. When presented with the consideration of whether one’s glass is half full or half empty it is a matter of perception. For we all can have similar thoughts and awareness yet produce totally different results based on how we feel about such thoughts and the perception in which our thoughts are housed. Be sure to create an environment for yourself in which your emotions are filtered and processed to be alignment with the desired results of your thoughts. Cultivating an emotional self that is balanced; free flowing; one that is clear of negativity, guilt, shame, resentment, and vanity; one that is loving, compassionate, patient, self-serving and serving of others, understanding, and open. This is the way to a free-flowing open relationship with self. Be like water.

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