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The Fundamentals

As a disciple of the School of Modern Herbal Medicine with a focus in the Fundamentals of Natural Healing, I must first acknowledge and give credit to those who have passed the wisdom on to me - Registered Herbalist (AHG) Mr. Steven Horne. Based on his teachings and the teachings of his predecessor, Medical Herbalist (MH) Mr. Edward Millet, I have learned how to facilitate and help the body [mind and spirit] heal effectively from sub acute and chronic diseases by working on root causes.


The ABC + D [Activate, Build, Cleanse, Detox] system  is an approach that has been studied for centuries in traditional medicine practices world wide and focuses on building and bringing body systems back in to a state of balance (homeostasis) rather than treating specific symptoms. These basic principles can be used to aid healing no matter what other modalities, techniques or health care services are employed and can also be used to prevent chronic and degenerative diseases. 

Most people have one or more body systems that are weaker than the others and could benefit from direct nutritional and supplemental support. For example feeling bloated and or being constipated could indicate that your digestive system is in need of direct care, just like high blood pressure and circulation problems can signify that your circulatory system needs support. By learning and implementing the fundamentals along your healing journey not only can you prevent ailments from developing in the body [mind and spirit] but can also reverse the degenerative pathology of those that have already infiltrated your systems. 

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