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Nutrition is the foundation upon which the rest of our health needs are based. The key to maintaining optimal health is proper nutrition. Proper nutrition stimulates the natural healing process of the body while poor nutrition creates blockages and stagnates the body's ability to reach and maintain homeostasis.   

We must expand our thoughts on the concept of food because often times we only think of food as a physical substance derived from some source of animal or plant base.  However, according to Webster's Dictionary, food is something that nourishes, sustains, and/or supplies. So, from this perspective I would encourage you to be mindful of not only the physical substances that you regularly consume but to be conscious and intentional about the substances that you watch and listen to as well as; for they too have an impact on your spiritual, physical, mental and emotional well-being. 

Start thinking of all food as data and all data as simply organized information. All food is coded with a particular (high or low) intelligence that provides instructions to the body as to how it should function.  Lets take a look at the computer for example. A computer is nothing more than a machine or vessel that is programmed to perform specific tasks/duties - it is the body. The software that a computer has been coded with determines how the computer will function - it is the genetic make up or DNA of the body. Now, your data inputs tell the computer what to do in that particular moment and if compatible with the computer's software it produces the desired results. In other words, the food that you feed your body needs to be compatible with your genetic make up in order to facilitate healing and optimal performance, similar to a computer. 

We are literally, vessels - storehouses of information. So try thinking of your body in ways similar to that of a car. You wouldn't put diesel fuel in a car that runs on petroleum gas, would you? If so, your going to have a problem keeping the motor running. The same exact sentiments apply to your temple.  

In this life, we must acknowledge that one is either building or destroying. So, within this framework it is important to recognized the relationship between what we consume and then ultimately produce as a by-product. Once we alter the way we think about food a transition will take place within our spirit. Start eating to live rather than living to eat and your outlook, input, and results in life will change drastically.

Transition from the idea of maintaining a diet and focus more so on the notion of making healthy lifestyle choices. A diet implies restrictions, and so long as you feel restricted you will not be liberated in your decision making - ultimately resulting in rebellion. Replace poor eating habits with foods that are more nutritionally dense. This way the body is utilizing less energy on breaking down processed food and is instead utilizing that energy to refuel, revitalize and repair cells. Focus on eating whole foods and avoiding unnatural refined processed foods.

We are all biochemically unique, therefore a program that produces positive benefits for one person may elicit negative reactions from another. So, you should avoid foods that are incompatible with your own biochemistry; and the fastest way to screen for foods incompatible with your body is to learn your blood type. Extensive research has been conducted and has demonstrated a strong correlation between a person's blood type and the foods and supplements they need to consume for optimal health. 

In addition to restructuring your nutritional needs based on individual biochemistry and performance goals, nutritional supplements and herbs can be a great source of enrichment. Thus, it is of utmost importance to pay attention to your own body and its unique responses to any supplement program. In any event however, there are several supplements that almost everyone needs to maintain a consistent build including minerals, enzymes, probiotics, fiber, essential fatty acids, antioxidants and super-food supplements. Click here to visit the HAT Shops products that will assist in your holistic build!

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