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Defined as the process of providing or obtaining the food necessary for health and growth, nutrition, is integral to our holistic well-being. Let us remember that food and nourishment is not solely the physical substance that we ingest to sustain our physical bodies, but that all food can be considered data or information programmed with a specific code or frequency which interacts with our bodies on multiple levels - spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, and environmentally. All illness begins in the mind and works its way into the body via thoughts that manifests into choices, or courses of action, which then overtime manifest into behaviors that ultimately impact and solidify the condition of our character - the state in which we become hole or complete; damaged, defected or broken. So, if all illness/sickness begins in the mind/spirit, it must be said and true that all healing begins in the mind or spirit as well! Thus, our first source of nourishment must be the spirit of wholeness that has been bestowed upon us by the Most High Supreme Creator, Sustainer, & Destroyer - God, Allah, Jah or whomever you view this entity/energy to be. Recognizing the oneness in all that is, allows you to open up to the miraculous nature of healing.

​Take a moment to reflect on the regenerative power of nature. For all things living are sustained by this hidden essence, radiated by the Sun which permeates our entire existence. If it were not for God's greatest gift to man, the Sun, would we not be blessed with the nourishment that grows from this earth's green pastures? If it were not for the cyclical nature of birth, growth, death/transformation and rebirth - this seasonal transition - would we not be renewed each day, each new moon, each season and so forth? It is critical that we come to the understanding that we are not just living in nature but that we are a part of nature! As we become one with this realization, nourishment and healing naturally take place. We begin to think, feel and do differently. As our perception changes so too will our receptors. Those foods we once craved no longer taste the same. Those relationships that we once held on to no longer hold the same weight or significance. The music we once enjoyed no longer makes us feel good, and so on. We begin to align ourselves with that which brings life and makes us lighter – spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally and environmentally.

So, within this framework we understand that food is for the soul, first and foremost, and thus whatever is good for the soul is also good for the mind and body. We no longer are ruled by our senses but rather use our senses as a ruler or guide to measure or map out the appropriate source of nutrition for the given task at hand. This is why we must eat to live rather than live to eat. For food is necessary in order to maintain life and growth! If you are ingesting foods that do not maintain your life and encourage your growth than you are not living. You are in actually succumbing to your own demise in an untimely fashion. So, seek those foods which make you lighter - spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally as well as those which have the lightest impact on the environment. Avoid dense foods that carry heavy energy as they tend to weigh you down and keep you tied to this earthly plane of existence (i.e. like inhumanely slaughtered meats and dairy products, or manifestations of food that carry negative energy like violent music and tv shows, etc.) literally causing inflammation in the brain, body, and heart.

Also be mindful of the relationships that you choose to indulge/engage in with other individuals as we are all connected. Take some time to check in with yourself and evaluate whether your relationships feed you. Do they nourish you? Provide you with healing, make you feel lighter or weigh you down. Do they lift you up or hold you back? Do they bring you joy and light or do they come with stress and darkness? This is a good indicator of your state of well-being. Pay attention to the things you find closest to you at any given moment and that should tell you whether you are on the road to recovery and good health or headed down a path of disease and destruction.


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