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Waste removal

As the alchemical philosophy is stated, “As above, So below; As within, So without!” What goes up must come down and so naturally what goes in must come out!” Let us be continually reminded that the principles of nature and the laws of the universe are consistent and unbiased to man. In this life [and in the next] we only receive that which we have given and are willing to put forth as evidenced by the fruitfulness of our efforts and actions.

In this fast-paced world that we live in today, most often, some of us are looking to achieve the greatest results possible while simultaneously putting forth the least amount of effort within the shortest period of time. This notion has been coined, “the microwave effect” essentially describing the desire for instant gratification. Let’s just take a moment to think about it. If we get hungry, we run to a fast food restaurant or to the nearest convenient store. If we desire to lose weight or improve the physique of our bodies, we get the fastest fat burning pills, body building supplement or tea on the market, and if that doesn’t work there’s always the option to go under the knife for a quick snip and tuck; surgery. I assure you that this method of being and doing is not sustainable nor beneficial to one’s holistic well being in the long run. If we would just take a while to slow down, adjust our expectations, be present and intentional about each moment in every aspect of our lives our results would be significant in yield and our growth and maturation throughout these processes would be invaluable.

What, when and how we release excrement and toxins from the body is just as important as what, when, and how we allow substance into and onto our bodies. There are four primary channels within the body that take on the process for elimination – the digestive system (i.e. liver, intestinal tract, etc.) the integumentary system (i.e. skin and glands, etc.) the circulatory system (lymph, blood and bodily fluids, etc.) and the respiratory system (lungs, bronchi, throat, nose, etc.). All of our systems work collectively to keep an well-organized cycle in the break down of nutrients, proper distribution and assimilation of these nutrients within the cell membrane and a dispersal/or removal of waste and/or the byproduct of these nutrients.

Whenever our elimination channels become stagnant, backed up, clogged or blocked and are inhibited from the consistent removal of these waste-filled by products or toxins there is a pathway created that leads toward sickness, illness or disease. So in other words, inefficient waste removal or the “inability to let go” leads to auto-intoxication - which is the number one source of the misery and decay we are witnessing in our society and culture today. It is the literal breaking down and disabling of the immune system by way of poising and polluting the body. According to the author of Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management, Bernard Jensen “Auto-intoxication becomes a powerful master over the body, robbing the inhabitant of clear thinking, discrimination, sound judgment, vitality, health, happiness and loved ones. Its rewards are disillusionment, bitterness, disappointment, financial chaos and failure.” So in essence, family, let us be mindful that we are what we eat and think.  What we think of ourselves (spirit/mind) and the understanding of our internal environment (body) has a significant impact on what we choose to eat just as much so as what we choose to eat has a significant impact on how we perceived ourselves and choose to think.

Don’t be a glut, clean your gut! Don’t be sickly, flush your kidneys!

Don’t ever fret from a little bit of sweat! And always be sure to take deep breaths!

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