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If you can control your thoughts, you can control your actions and if you can control your actions then you can control your behavior and ultimately your health!

It is important to understand the mind-body connection as it relates to one's ability to activate their health and well being. Always remember, what we think over time, we become and that the body has a natural capacity to heal itself if given the appropriate conditions to do so. Being activated is all about converting potential energy into kinetic energy and overall transforming the mental image of the desired outcome into a physical expression or result. 


Our bodies are equipped with a complex two-way communication system that connects the mind, immune system and all other body systems. Thus, research shows that one's health is affected by the nerve impulses from the brain which are essentially being controlled by patterns of thought. We are electrical beings and our thoughts as well as emotions are vibrations or energies which have a ripple effect that runs through the whole body, creating a positive or negative charge/response. 

So, the first fundamental principle of healing involves activating our thoughts and emotions. Positive (+) thoughts and joyful feelings activate and enhance the healing power of our body, while negative (-) thoughts and dark feelings depress the body's ability to correct itself. 

There are two fundamental ways to create positive thoughts and emotions to activate and enhance the healing process. The first method is through affirmations. An affirmation asserts or acknowledges that something exists or is true; it is a statement that is declared to be true. The second method is through visualization. Visualization involves the ability to form a mental image of a desired thing and or to make a thing visible.

Affirmations are used as a tool of activation because when intentionally and consistently implemented into your health practice they help to reprogram your subconscious mind. They are present tense statements that affirm what you want as if you already actually have it. Affirmations influence perception and ultimately inspire and induce what we call reality. It is a powerful realization to understand that we are not only experiencing reality, but that through our thoughts and perceptions we are also influencing the now and shaping the near future.

Visualizations are actually a form of self-hypnosis and foster healing by feeding positive images to the brain. This functions as a source of self or auto suggestion which is a technique related to the placebo effect in where individuals guide their own thoughts, feelings, or behaviors. Visualizations can change emotions that subsequently have an effect on the body by using pictures to arouse positive mental states. These positive pictures manifest into positive physical sensations in the body and propel one to act in accordance with the image and emotion being invoked. Visualization involves you getting into a relaxed state and breathing deeply while you picture the final result you desire in your mind. It is important to see yourself having what you want right now, not in the future.  

Parliament Funk [P-Funk] said it best back in the 70's... "Free your mind and your ass will follow!.." 


There are many ways to activate the healing process but they all start with helping people acquire positive attitudes and emotions. Consider meditation and prayer, exercising or experimenting with different sources of light, color and sound to see what evokes positive emotions and provide you with an overall feeling of goodness or joy. 

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