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The five pillars

Throughout the course of my own self study and from the fundamental teachings of the School of Modern Herbal Medicine I've learned to recognize the patterns throughout life's delicate design. We all are but intricate pieces of fabric woven together by the omnipotent hands of creation. Life's vitality flows through our bodies, activating each and every cell that comprises our entire being. Just as every cell makes up every tissue that forms every organ and it's systems, ultimately formulating the composition of who we are - we must too recognize the divine connection within and among us all.

Every man is his own universe - encompassing hundreds of millions of cells that function like societies of people; circulatory veins and blood vessels that flow like river streams, and groups of organs that govern the body and function in correspondence with esoteric planetary systems. 

This omnipotence permeates throughout the spiritual realm and manifest in our physical reality through those basic tangible and intangible aspects of life that are taken for granted most! They are the five pillars upon which our very existence rest. These five pillars operate within a multi-dimensional framework that facilitates the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well being of man and we will explore them from this view point. 

In order to understand the foundation of sustainable health and well being we need to understand the process of life on a cellular level, as cells are the basis of all living things, both plant and animal. As such, here are the 5 essentials for sustaining life:  


1. Heat/Energy

2. Oxygen

3. Water

4. Nutrients

5. Waste Removal

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