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Lymphatic Drainage Herbal Tincture

Lymphatic Drainage Herbal Tincture


The lymph passes through lymph nodes where white blood cells remove cellular debris and infectios organisms. The lymphatic system can become stagnant resulting in poor lymph drainage. This can contribute to the cause of swollen lymph nodes and fluid retention in the tissues. Poor lymphatic drainage is often seen with sore throats, earaches, respiratory congestion and dull pelvic pains and abnormal swelling with periods. This remedy is developed to support in draining excess fluid and plasma proteins away from tissue spaces improving the bodies natural immune system functioning.

  • Product Info

    Primary herbal ingredients:

    • Red Clover
    • Yarrow
    • Honey Suckle
    • Lemon Balm

    Other Ingredients:

    • Distilled Water 
    • Cane Sugar Alcohol 
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