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Head & Heart Herbal Tincture

Head & Heart Herbal Tincture


Promoting blood circulation and mental clarity by supporting the circulatory and nervous systems. Enhancing memory and brain function, improving blood flow to the brain with antioxidative properties that protect brain cells from damage, while tonifying the cardiac muscle, energizing the heart cells and dilating the blood vessels in the extremeties to reduce strain on the heart. An excellent remedy to take to slow down the aging processing and to protect the nervous and cardiovascular systems while simultaneously reducing stress and improving digestion.  

  • Product Info

    Primary herbal ingredients:

    • Gingko Biloba leaf/aerial parts
    • Gotu Kola leaf/aerial parts
    • Passionflower leaf/aerial parts
    • Hawthorne Berry 

    Other ingredients:

    • Distilled Water 
    • Cane Sugar Alcohol
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