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Activation Application

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

Often times, when under any type of chronic stress or fatigue, we may tend to embark upon and engage in our day to day activity with a mechanical and somewhat melancholy mood. Caught up in the physiological thought and behavioral patterns of our past self, then, coupled with the unsettling and yearning desire to break through, we inevitably create such cause for suffering; thereby leading to the manifestation of disease in the mind and ultimately the body - a sort of ill will - if unchecked and uncorrected. This cycle has its beginnings and endings in those subtle messages we relay to ourselves through the underlying feelings we permit, reinforced by the underlying thoughts housed in the perception of our current condition; be it negative or positive.

Self-Care begins with self-talk! And self-talk is prayer!!

You see the magic in the miracle lies within the belief in the ability to influence what happens next.

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